Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Call Me Dugout Nazi

I thought my husband had lost his mind when he told me that he was going to coach our son’s Little League team, well, then dumbass me said I would be Team Mom. I’m not crazy about kids or baseball, what the hell was I thinking? Maybe I just need something to do outside of the house. Let’s face it, I have NO life so why not take care of 10 more 6, 7 & 8 year old boys 2 days a week.

Saturday is opening day and Jeff picked up the uniforms tonight. So pathetic that I was excited to have something to do. I put each boys name in their hats, then put their socks and jersey in the hat so it would be easy to hand them out. I put the schedules to hand out, the roster and stat book all nice and neat in a binder even. I have this need to be organized, a tad OCD maybe, who knows.

I wonder how many parents won’t like the fact that we have no intentions on doing the whole “after game snack”. Neither one of us see the point in it. I would suppose it goes back to kids being so coddled now-a-days. I don’t remember getting a snack after any of my games growing up. Besides that, who in the hell can afford to spend the extra money when it’s not necessary? I guess if most of the parents bitch and whine about it enough then we’ll give in, but I find it just stupid.

It has always drove me crazy during games when kids are just being wild in the dugout, I have a feeling that I may piss off more than one parent or get the nickname, Dugout Nazi. This is an instructional league, if these little boys would pay attention they just might learn something.

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